Mykolaiv, Hotel tourist

The very lovely and welcoming Hotel tourist in a beautiful evening back in 2013….. The whole idea about the hotels named Tourist was that they were the official tourist hotels all over former Soviet union. Some of them were very spectacular in design. This lovely hotel has really kept it´s originally design and is a really nice place to stay at. I would love to come back here again and I really hope it will be so very soon!
Elevators are giving you a very warm concrete welcome….
Lets take a ride up to my room…. Well it seems like there are some secret floor above etage 13…..

Floor 9… or etage 9 in more proper Ukrainian language. A bit dark but you can really feel the history here.
Staircase is a strong and powerful design. So beautiful design! This a staircase you can watch for hours and admire all the corners and bends.
Lenin avnenue in Mykolaiv from my room. Those large avenues are so cool.
Sports hall and house of culture seen from my room.
Some kind of fire in the background, sports hall to the left.
Former riverboat station close to Tourist hotel. Looks like an airport control tower for sure and works like one but for river boats.
This is were you enter your river boat. Like a gate at an airport…

Not sure if this is for ski jump or something else? It goes straight to the river….
The exit to the river…
Maybe a clue to all of the above with river boats and ski jump?

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