Somethings don´t survive

Lithuania in 2010, first we checked out and took some pics of the nuclear powerstation in Ignalina. Constructed during the Soviet union era. Just like in Chernobyl had the Pripjat town this place has the Ignalina Powerplant and the Visaginas town just a few kilometers away. The beautiful hotel in the town of Visaginas. We… Continue reading Somethings don´t survive

Zeljava, Object 505

This magical place… Six visits from me so far, soon to be seven I hope… Underground hangar that costed to much money to complete, destroyed completely during the wars in the 90´s. Some 50 tons! of dynamite and a trailer of airplane fuel combined a massive detonatione and fire. Six months after the detonation there… Continue reading Zeljava, Object 505

Organizing travels

Ruintours, urbextours, tours to odd and exiting places. Of course , you have seen pics on the internet from places you want to visit. Awesome Soviet relics, Balkan monuments and bunkers…. Places that seems to be to complicated and hard to visit…… Come on, everybody is a beginner, you need to be a beginner to… Continue reading Organizing travels

Hello,and welcome to the World of KimJongLind

As a world wide traveller with a special interest for the former Soviet union and Balkans I will tell some interesting stories from my travels here. I do arrange travels in Former Soviet countries and in the Balkans. Very limited seats and very good travelling!

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