Former theater, CCCP

This was really a nice find in a small village. Went there really as a gamble and sometimes it pays off. So many nice details still left to see. Amazing place! Roof has started to leak and that is something that will make this beautiful place to rott and fall apart…… No, you should go… Continue reading Former theater, CCCP

Abandoned hotel, SPA resort.

This is a major SPA resort up in the Carpathian mountains. Some of the hotels were abandoned and this one were available to enter. Former reception with all the keyboxes…. some moist have been even down here. Next to entrence this art piece is still undamaged. One of the main stairs. Cozy place for a… Continue reading Abandoned hotel, SPA resort.

Never to be used…

This 280 meter high Chimney never got the opportunity to start delivering smoke….. Industry never got finished before the economical collapse in the country. It is a massive construction and I am really interested in how the workers conditions used to be. How many people died during the construction? Such a magical evening light this… Continue reading Never to be used…

Train depot somewhere…

Former light to be at the depot. My guess is that this depot has not been in a major use for 20+ years… So sad to see all the cars standing there when you know it has a great value of scrap. You think there is a forest to the right…? No, there is tracks… Continue reading Train depot somewhere…

Mazeikiai refinery

The refinery in Mazeikiai, Lithuania was one of the very last efforts in the already dying Soviet union. Refinery were built mostly by prisoners living in these blocks (only one remaining today) guarderd by soliders and a fence….. If you look to the base of the picture there is some remaints of block 2 where… Continue reading Mazeikiai refinery

Nuclear weapons storage Crimea

This is an abandoned nuclearbombs warehouse in Crimea Visited in 2013 before the illegal invation from the , you know, green man from *azzia…. Anyway, here is the entrance of the complex. Inside the complex The massive port to get access to the nuclear bombs…. Inside the nuclear bomb shade. Massive concrete door in the… Continue reading Nuclear weapons storage Crimea

Sleeping trains

This former train depot was a wild guess from satellite pics, and as we were passing pretty close we had to check it out! We were lucky for at least 10 minutes before a guy started screaming we had to leave. He has his home in the middle of the depot and some dogs that… Continue reading Sleeping trains

Kelenföld Powerplant

This old and very iconic former powerplant. Once you are inside you realize that this just to much to handle. You will start feeling totally empty and don´t know how to handle it. The iconic glass roof. The plant is constructed to let daylight into every corner. The staircase to the cables in the lower… Continue reading Kelenföld Powerplant


Jet Star 2!! It used to be in the Gorky park in russia. My bet is that the bosses of the powerplant in Elektrenai made this roller-coaster end up here… My pic of the abanoned roller-coaster….