Back again

A place is never to good for a revisit. This was my third time here. The Budzluzhda monument was once constructed to honor the events in 1891 that lead into a start to what became the Bulgarian socialist Democratic party. Constructions started in 1974 and was finished in 1981. After socialism and communism fell in… Continue reading Back again

Abandoned hotel, SPA resort.

This is a major SPA resort up in the Carpathian mountains. Some of the hotels were abandoned and this one were available to enter. Former reception with all the keyboxes…. some moist have been even down here. Next to entrence this art piece is still undamaged. One of the main stairs. Cozy place for a… Continue reading Abandoned hotel, SPA resort.

Kelenföld Powerplant

This old and very iconic former powerplant. Once you are inside you realize that this just to much to handle. You will start feeling totally empty and don´t know how to handle it. The iconic glass roof. The plant is constructed to let daylight into every corner. The staircase to the cables in the lower… Continue reading Kelenföld Powerplant