The former military hospital

A former German and later Soviet military hospital… We arrived to this place without any expectations, not sure if we could even get in without problem. Once inside we had an experience for 4 hours. A mssive complex that include a morgue, a chapel, surgery and so on…. Totally exhausted after this and almost a quiet two hours
in the car after on the way to the next object. Visited in 2016.

The entrence to the poolarea.
Overlooking the beautiful decay, really didn´t feel for a swim this day.

Inside the main building that is really huge.

In the basement. US vs Sovjetski Union?
From inside the chapel.

Places like this really gets me going. It might sound funny to be exhausted after just taking pictures for a couple of hours but you are on high alert and constantly working with picture angels and ideas. It is like a marathon for the brain…

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