Zeljava, Object 505

Photo from 2010

This magical place… Six visits from me so far, soon to be seven I hope… Underground hangar that costed to much money to complete, destroyed completely during the wars in the 90´s. Some 50 tons! of dynamite and a trailer of airplane fuel combined a massive detonatione and fire. Six months after the detonation there were still coming smoke from the inside.

Inside it a very large complex. Almost impossible the have the lights you need. Picture is from 2011. Very much dust in the air.
Some people that are honoring the the airfield in 2020. Beautiful spot and so much to try to understand in just a few hours. Almost a mandantory to visit at least one more time.

C-47 Skytrain, only plane left at the site and totally trashed today with stickers and looters cutting metal from her…

Inside complex, depth of field to get an idea about the size of the bunker.
Part of the main strip. Still no x-marking on it.

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