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Ruintours, urbextours, tours to odd and exiting places. Of course , you have seen pics on the internet from places you want to visit. Awesome Soviet relics, Balkan monuments and bunkers…. Places that seems to be to complicated and hard to visit…… Come on, everybody is a beginner, you need to be a beginner to become a pro or at least comfortable to travel abroad and start planning your own trips to places like these.

I have travelled abroad in former east for more than 10 years now and have always had a dream to arrange tours. That dream became true in the spring of 2020 with 6 other persons on the very first trip to Bosnia and Croatia. That very first trip became a success and if pandemic havenĀ“t come in front it would have been several trips. Now the second on only were to Croatia in 2020 easter. Albania in spring 2021…..

Upcoming soon a kicker trip in Croatia with very spectacular objects. Check site for more info during the trip….

I want to arrange something in Armenia in late September…. anyone?

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