Tbilisi Skywalk

This is a place I really wanted to visit after missing it out my first two visits in Georgia. State of the art design and true brutalist concrete in one of the best moments ever. This place has really got deep into my mind and I would love to have an apartment here with a view out over Tbilisi……..
Coming in from the left if you take a look at picture above.
After passing through the first building, there is another bridge…. In these buildings there was originally small shops and services like tailors. Now days it is pretty empty.
A true “Boris” welding.
Some pics from above the complex. I would like to say this is a “one of a kind” place in the world.
From under one of the bridges and laundry hanging from an apartment. The weather makes it a bit more dramatic. We were lucky and had a break in the heavy raining.
Yes, it is a piece missing in the pathway so you can see the ground some 10 floors down to the ground.
The elevator in one of the houses. Originally Soviet and these are not so nice to ride in. A bit bumpy and shaky

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