Back from Armenia

So, back from an awesome trip in Armenia now. Baggage got lost for 4,5 days (thank you LOT) So no tripod… Well, I must say I love Caucasus and countries like Georgia and Armenia. This was the second time for me in Armenia but not the last, there is so much more to explore in this country and almost everybody talks Russian so it is a good place to be to learn more and better Russian.

Something like the warlords palace? No it is an amazing abandoned ropeway station on top of a hill.
When you see it this way and have tried the roads that are in a bad condition it gets obvious why the ropeways are so much faster and should be invested in. On the right is the old Coppermine.
A picture from the lower station from my former visit in 2019. abandoned as well…
My guess is the it will take time and a lot of money to clean up here after the copper mine is closed.
We will see what happens but I would not recommend to grow your tomatoes on the former mine ground…

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