Tour were a success!

The Balkan bunker tour ended up in a success if you ask me. We managed to get up to the former radarsite without any major problems. We visited a new (for me) radio relay bunker site and made som classical bunkers and sites in former Yugoslavia.

This is from 2010 or 2011. This beautiful C-47 Skytrain (military version of DC3) is standing in peace facing the damages from the wars in former Yugoslavia.
Some 11 years later this a true tourist attraction. So sad that looters and tourists have destroyed this awesome machine so badly.
No words needed….
Underneath the wings of the c-47 is the Yugoslav red star.
A new sign for me is this one, I guess it appeared last 6 month during the mine cleaning in the area that really started in 2020 fall.
Still the landingstrip is not crossed out?! 14L I cannot see the reason why, airstrip is on the border to Bosnia and there is no activity here unless tourists coming to see the former airbase. Beautiful mountains in the back.
Actuallay this wreck is moved closer to one entrance now…

More will come from this trip soon. Now I will need to concentrate on a new trip starting very soon.

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