Textiles anyone?!

This former textile factory was a really kicker. all machines were still there and the atmosphere was really back to the 80´s and before perestroika…… Today this factory has been shut down for 20+ years

Back from Armenia

So, back from an awesome trip in Armenia now. Baggage got lost for 4,5 days (thank you LOT) So no tripod… Well, I must say I love Caucasus and countries like Georgia and Armenia. This was the second time for me in Armenia but not the last, there is so much more to explore in… Continue reading Back from Armenia

Tour were a success!

The Balkan bunker tour ended up in a success if you ask me. We managed to get up to the former radarsite without any major problems. We visited a new (for me) radio relay bunker site and made som classical bunkers and sites in former Yugoslavia. More will come from this trip soon. Now I… Continue reading Tour were a success!

New bunkertrip!

Today a new trip to the Balkan mountains will start! For you that haven´t been up in the Balkan mountains you should really go. Hiking, biking or bunkerhunting…. Deep down under the cozy house is a huge bunker. These places were “allover” former Yugoslavia, almost. But there are several spots. Massive feeling to go down… Continue reading New bunkertrip!

Somethings don´t survive

Lithuania in 2010, first we checked out and took some pics of the nuclear powerstation in Ignalina. Constructed during the Soviet union era. Just like in Chernobyl had the Pripjat town this place has the Ignalina Powerplant and the Visaginas town just a few kilometers away. The beautiful hotel in the town of Visaginas. We… Continue reading Somethings don´t survive